Monday, September 26, 2011

Postcard from Paris

I just can't resist anything with Paris in the title, and this song from The Band Perry is no exception.  If they have made a video yet, I can't find it.  Maybe they are in Paris right now filming it.  Watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle.  Strolling along the Champs-Élysées.  Sipping coffee in a little café.  Climbing the steps up to the Sacré-Coeur for a view of the city.

I am planning my 2012 trip(s).  I have one certain one, with 19 students and Arles Lucy helping me chaperone.  We will spend 6 nights in Paris, a day in Normandy at the D-Day sites, and then 6 days with our friends in Villeneuve-lez-Avignon for a homestay/school visit.  With a day trip to Arles, bien sûr.  I may also go for a quick 5-day trip in January with a group of teachers.  And the BFF and I are still discussing a girls' trip to Paris and Provence in June.

So... I will get my Paris fix.  And my Provence fix. Yes, I certainly will.  But until then, it's...

Like a postcard from Paris when I've seen the real thing. 
Like a postcard from Paris when I need the real thing.

But don't misunderstand...  I love sending and receiving postcards.  I have quite a collection.

Bon appétit, The Band Perry and Paris!

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