Thursday, June 14, 2012

Madame Eiffel, you are bringing me down

Actually, it appears that your elevator will not be taking me and my BFF group up as we had planned. I cannot get tickets to the top because you only have one working ascenseur. What's up (or not up) with that, chère madame? I've been trying for several weeks and have asked everyone I know in your beautiful city, but it seems it will not be in the cards this time. I guess we will just have to admire you from below. Watch you sparkle, take your photo many times, and miss our date at the top. (heavy sigh). Non, madame, I must admit that I never get tired of riding to the top and looking at the twinkling lights that make up La Ville Lumière, the City of Light. A couple of the tour groups say they will substitute in the Montparnasse Tower if you aren't available. But I am not interested. Non, merci. Personally, I think that would be like kissing your sister, as the saying goes. I still love you, though, and will continue to wear my cute new earrings from Target.

Bon appétit, la Grande Dame!


Eiffel wall decor said...

This so cute! I don't think if that was a stone or a soup!

The Sabbatical Chef said...

It is an eraser! But it's too cute to use, n'est-ce pas?