Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Vacation- Jour Six

It is summer vacation and I am feeling a bit relieved, but I am not totally free.  I have moved to the desk across the sidewalk from my classroom, working the front desk of the middle school.  I spent my first morning (after an hour of yoga... still trying to stretch these muscles) finishing honors cards, stuffing some envelopes, mailing out my 7th graders' final penpal letters from their Frenchie friends (received the day after our last class, of course), and meeting some of the new Student U folks who are taking over our campus.
As part of my 8th grade final exam, I asked my students to write a thank you letter in French.  Twenty sentences to anyone they wanted to.  Here's who they chose:
Actress Juliette Binoche
(Wish that I had starred opposite Johnny Depp in Chocolat...)
Macaron-maker Pierre Hermé
(Wish I had a couple of his little treats right now...)

Best Guide in the World and my favorite Parisien Thierry
(Wish I were having dinner in that little restaurant tonight... excellent Boeuf Bourgignon)
M. le Président François Hollande
(Wish I was sharing that sandwich...)
Our penpals in Villeneuve-lez-Avignon
(Wish I could wiggle my nose and be there now...)

And to me, their devoted professeur de français for the past two or three years of their young lives.

Now, out of the office (yes, I am cheating and blogging) and off to Arles Lucy's house for Wednesday W&W!!

Bon appétit et santé!

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