Thursday, June 21, 2012

Random Thursday night thoughts...

I ate my first peach of the season yesterday.  It was juicy and sweet.  Ah, summer has arrived.

My suitcase has been eagerly dragged downstairs and is ready to be packed for the trip to France.

I am trying to work up my nerve to attend an event called Pitchapalooza on Saturday at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill to pitch The Sabbatical Chef to a panel of editors.

I actually bought two new pairs of really comfortable shoes today.  I hate to shop, but desperately need new shoes for the trip.   Both black.  Not a big surprise here.

My sister-in-law really wants to try pastis when we get to Provence.  I intend to aid and abet her in this quest.

Son #1 was officially offered a contract from the school he has been working at for the past year.  Full-time and benefits.  I am so proud of him.  One of his college roommates is getting married in a couple of weeks.  How is that possible?

Today I watched kids just sitting around reading, totally engrossed in their books, at Student U.  One middle school age young man was picked up early by his mom and couldn't stop talking about the book he was reading.  I  had tears in my eyes.

While on the subject of reading, I remember summertime trips to the public library in Spruce Pine with my mom.  Thanks for passing on your love of reading, Mildred.  I love you.

My sister, Moo, has a wicked sense of humor.  Her emails make me laugh out loud.  She is ready to fight me for Johnny Depp since he is now single.  She says she wins because she paid good money to see Dark Shadows at the movie theatre and I didn't.

I have some really bizarre dreams.  A couple of nights ago, I dreamed that the guy who works on my car is in a gang whose symbol is Lifesavers and he was coming after me, but Officer Larry, one of the ex-policeman security guards at school, was on to him and was going to protect me.  The Camargue Cross, made up of a heart, a cross, and an anchor, was also in the dream.  I had a necklace made up of those three charms when I lived in Arles, but I lost it while leaning out the second story window hanging out clothes.   Chef Érick gave me another one, but it accidentally went down the drain after I returned to Durham.  I bought yet another one in Arles last year and so far so good.  Maybe that's what my mechanic is after.  I'll offer to give him one of his own.

I keep thinking about Lisa Pickles and Cheese and her strawberry-candied almond salad.  I really need to make that tomorrow.  I have everything I need.  Check out her beautiful photo... you will want to make one, too.

I am actually beginning to really look forward to my morning walks.  The BFF can't go tomorrow and I am going to go by myself.  That's a big step for me.  Quasimodo and the Notre Dame bell tower awaits me...  I do not want to die climbing the steps.

I am proud of Son #2 and the fact that he works hard at his summer job in hot, humid weather.

I am grateful for all farmers who labor in the hot sun and are at the mercy of the elements in order to bring me all of the fresh fruit and vegetables I can buy at the local farmers' market.  God bless you all.  I wish that everyone had access to good, healthy food and all the clean water they need and want.

Today, June 21, was the Fête de la Musique in France.  It was started in 1982 by Jack Lang, the Minister of Culture.  All types of music is played in cities and towns all over the country.  I've been in Bordeaux, Paris, and Arles to enjoy this free outdoor festival to welcome in summer.

 Bon appétit à tous et à toutes!  Happy First Day of Summer!

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