Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New blog!

This photo was sent to me by Gary, the world's best handyman/locksmith/garden helper/etc.  His mom, Judy, took it, with no staging.  I love it-- the curtains, the chair covering, the lace tablecloth and the beautiful, shiny peppers.  They just look plain old happy, don't they?  My grandfather used to make delicious stuffed peppers when I was a little girl hanging out in his kitchen.  I miss you, Papa.  I wish we could cook together just once.  I am a great assistante!
A friend sent a link to a neighbor's food blog--
Great recipes and beautiful photos from Asheville, NC!!  A mountain girl, no less.  Check it out!

Bon appétit, Girl in an apron and Judy!

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A Girl in a Apron said...

Thank you for the link! I am honored! Love the beautiful green peppers! They look like a happy little couple indeed! Happy cooking foodie friend.