Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where would you live?

I recently sent out an email to some of my friends (at least I hope they are still my friends) asking where they would live if money weren't an object.  Quite a few answered (anything to get out of averaging grades, writing comments, dusting, washing dishes, walking the dog, etc.).  Some have no idea, some would keep their present home and buy another one (or three) in Europe, at the beach, on a lake, in the mountains, or on a ski slope.  I would keep my Durham home, but I would have a little house in the middle of a lavender field in Provence.  No hesitation on that one.  And if the conditions were right, I would be there this very moment.  (For my 8th graders out there, here is the perfect setting to use the si + imparfait = conditionnel structure that I just taught you!  Si j'avais une petite maison au milieu d'un champ de lavande en Provence, j'y serais en ce moment.  I even snuck in an object pronoun-- quel bon prof, huh?)
Anyway, Chef Dorette sent a wonderful story.  She wrote it up for her blog and here's the link--

I am now off to the kitchen to experiment with Julia Child's recipe for Épinards à la Crème or Creamed Spinach.  Wish me luck.  Bonne chance!

Bon appétit, Dorette et la Provence!

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