Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pastry Camp

So how on earth am I supposed to concentrate on proctoring and grading exams when I receive emails such as the one I received this morning from mes amis Chefs Jacquy et Sébastien??  They are offering Pastry Camp, for goodness sake.  One week is called All Chocolate (how about Heaven as the alternate name?) and the second is Breads, Breakfast Pastries, Pound Cakes and Coffee Cakes.  They are offered at The French Pastry School at City Colleges of Chicago June 21-25 and June 28-July 2.
After seeing the film Kings of Pastry, I visited their website and now get emails from them once in a while.   What a summer camp that would be, n'est-ce pas?  Please, mom?  S'il te plaît, ma chère petite maman?  I will bake croissants for your breakfast at least once a week.  And serve them to you in bed.

Here's the link to the email I received:

Just looking at the photos, makes me want to melt chocolate or knead bread.  If you go, please send me a postcard (or a sample??).

Bon appétit, French Pastry School!

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