Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A novice

Okay, so here I am in 2008 all aproned up in the kitchen in Arles.  The photo was taken by a B&B client while I was preparing the breakfast crêpes.  Happy?  Ah, oui... Also thinking I knew a few things about cooking and speaking French.  But I am really just a novice to this whole food thing.  Every single day I discover new books, new chefs, new websites, new blogs and new recipes.  It can be a bit overwhelming.  I realize that I know very little and then I get frustrated with myself and start wondering why I didn't start this culinary journey years ago.  But that's when I click on this photo of myself because I look at this woman (who hates to have her photo taken) and think of what she's done and I am very proud.  And I just pray for many more years to learn more and more and more!
I discovered Dorie Greenspan today thanks to Carol at Paris Breakfasts.  Dorie is the real deal.  Patricia Wells, also the real deal, leaves comments on her blog.  Dorie's biography on her webpage begins with "Although I burned down my parents' kitchen when I was 13, didn't bake so much as a chocolate-chip cookie until I was married..."  Now she has a kitchen in Paris, as well as two in the US.  (Insert a huge sigh here)  Maybe I can come back as her in my next life. 

Bon appétit, Dorie!

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