Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A new cracker-chip

I know that I should never go to the grocery store when I am hungry.  That is embedded in my brain.  But sometimes what else can you do?  You have to pick up a couple of things  (for me it was thick cut bacon and heavy cream to make those brownies) and everything in the store looks good.  It causes me to have flashbacks to grocery shopping with my dad when I was a kid.  My mom was a no nonsense, budget shopper.  Not my dad.  He brought home what his four little "crumb crushers" considered the good stuff.  Chips, cookies, ice cream, candy.
Anyway, there I was starving in Harris Teeter.  So, I saw a display containing riceworks gourmet brown rice crisps flavored with sea salt.  That sealed the deal.  I love sea salt.  Maybe as much as chocolate these days.  I got them home without opening the bag (I live close to the store, I must confess).  Then I dove in.  I was suspicious.  I just hoped they wouldn't taste like cardboard or, if they did, the sea salt would help.  But they were really good.  Much tastier than I had expected or even hoped.  Really good crunch and salty but not too much.  And I think they are better for me than Doritos...

Bon appétit, sea salt!

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