Thursday, January 5, 2012

Paris sky

A beautiful blue Paris sky through the pyramid at the Louvre and
a night time view with a few sparkles thrown in for good measure.
Trop beau, n'est-ce pas?
Paris, je t'attends avec impatience!
I feel as if, after 34 years of friendship (I had to do the math... 2012 - 1978), I can tutoyer Paris.  I can use the familiar form with her.  We are quite well-acquainted, after all.  Yesterday I handed out penpal letters to my students and one of the 8th grade girls asked about an expression that her penpal used over and over... in English.  She wrote something to the effect of "I am impatient to get a letter from you."  "I am impatient to come to the US."  "I am impatient to host you."  My student didn't quite know how how to take that.  Here, we say "I can't wait to meet you."  "I can't wait to come to France."  But in French the expression is "I am waiting with impatience to..."   Learning a language is really a lot of fun.  Now, if only I can continue to convince middle schoolers of that.

Bon appétit, Paris sky!

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